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The OSS Differentiation Factor

Open Source Storage is led by Eren Niazi, a technology visionary. He is the thought leader who brought open source storage to market. Surrounding him is a team whose expertise in technology strategy and implementation is validated by their achievements in private enterprise, academia and government. Together this powerful mix of experience and delivery guarantees results.

Each client’s Open Source implementation is designed and tuned for optimization. The expert team’s hands-on knowledge of scalable, Open Source technologies enables significant cost savings while migrating from proprietary ‘lock-in’ storage systems. Our client-centric focus equates to the highest standard of service in the industry.

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  • Industry Expertise
  • Modular Systems
  • Software Tuning & Managed Services

Here's a Snapshot of What We Do

  • Architect and support scalable systems leveraging real world customer experiences
  • Reduce Total cost of ownership by 30-60%
  • Scale your systems as data storage and analysis requirements increase
  • Customize and tune open source software stacks
  • Data Center deployments from inside-the-walls build out to managed services
  • Provide a single interface for implementation and ongoing support
  • Managed services
  • Consulting expertise in process, systems engineering & integration
  • Our "end-to-end" solution includes a full open source based ITIL service management suite

Our Services

Our Products

Live Free. Go Open.TM
Facebook Ebay KPMG Shutterfly Lockheed Martin

Meet Our Experts

  • Eren Niazi Founder & CEO
  • Mark Iwanowski Chairman
  • Leynette Larioza COO
  • Patrick Willis EVP Strategic Partnerships Media, Entertainment, and Sports
  • Jerome Conlon CMO
  • Marc Rotzow CTO
  • Mark Nelson EVP Solution Sales
  • Mary VanLeer EVP Strategic Programs
  • Paul Kelley VP Strategic Sales
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Holds several U.S. Patents for disruptive technologies, and is the visionary and original creator of Open Source Storage™ and Open Source Systems™. Designed Facebook’s core systems during its hyper-growth phase and was instrumental in supporting Friendster, the Web's first social media platform. Eren's enterprise level Open Source products and services have all resulted in world class, industrial strength deployments.He is deeply involved in various technology driven fields including, software, hardware, green tech and agriculture technologies.


Mark’s a tech industry veteran who has held executive positions with SAIC, Raytheon, Honeywell, Trident Capital and Oracle, where he was Senior VP of Global IT & CIO. He is also currently CEO of MDI & Associates.


Leynette’s leadership spans more than 30 years of experience in the lifecycle of complex high-end systems related to systems design, development, manufacture, sales, operations, deployment, and support. She has a proven understanding of business processes and the ability to build, lead, and motivate high-achieving cross-functional teams. Leynette has held senior positions at Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Maui High Performance Computing Center and Cray Research.

EVP Strategic Partnerships Media, Entertainment, and Sports

Patrick is responsible for developing strategic partnerships in sports, media, and entertainment by leveraging key knowledge and experience in these market sectors. Patrick has always had an interest in technology and innovation, and similar to his love for football, has felt a passion for open source technologies. In 2015, Patrick left the San Francisco 49ers with an enduring legacy of inspiration, leadership, and mentorship as one of the greatest linebackers to wear a 49ers uniform. Advisory Board member.


As a brand and business development architect with over 25 years of experience, Jerome has helped firms like Nike, Starbucks and NBC Entertainment with strategic marketing. He was previously CMO for Internap Network Services, Inc.


Marc was instrumental in architecting data storage solutions for Facebook, NASA, KPMG, AOL, Friendster, Shutterfly and Shopping.com. He specializes in large data center deployments.

EVP Solution Sales

High energy solution sales professional with over 30 years experience in systems development, sales, and support which provides excellent insight into the product development lifecycle and the customer journey. Formerly with Oracle and Sun Microsystems as the top Crisis Manager leading cross functional teams worldwide to solve product technical and business continuity issues affecting Fortune 100 companies and rapid growth startups.

EVP Strategic Programs

Mary’s expertise in big data, cloud computing and enterprise architecture was obtained during 25 years of leading large-scale systems initiatives. Prior to joining OSS she was Director of IT at The Sustainability Consortium and Arkansas Scholarship Library. Mary also held several senior positions at Sun Microsystems.

VP Strategic Sales

Experienced sales professional with over 35 years of sales management experience at Fortune 1000 companies including Businessland and VA Linux Systems. Track record for consistently achieving and exceeding targeted goals. Involved with Veteran advocacy groups, donating time, money and energy to help veterans to return to a productive life.