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To the creators of Open Source Storage, Freedom Matters  Go Open isn’t just a slogan, it’s a promise for the future of technology throughout the world.

We understand the pressures you’re under to achieve cheaper, faster, and better system developments. And in today’s highly competitive, global market, the squeeze on your I.T. budgets has intensified the need to become more efficient and cost-effective in your technology choices.

Open Source Storage, (OSS) was founded in 2001 by visionary and creator of the open source storage movement, Eren Niazi. Eren envisioned a world where the largest enterprises were using open source software in large scale data center deployments. Consequently, the technologies OSS developed have become the model for industry storage solutions.

We are experts in enterprise level open source deployments and integrating open source solutions into existing business infrastructures. OSS solutions are designed to offer the choices and flexibility to requirements.

Freedom Matters…

OSS is about the paradigm shift of setting technology free and allowing it to evolve. Break free from proprietary lock-in vendors and for-a-use-fee solutions. OSS encourages disruption from the norm with technologies that allow customers to deploy cost-effective, reliable solutions.

Are you ready to make Freedom Matter? Are you ready to Go Open? We’re ready to help!

“Higher levels of functionality and scalability, greater levels of security, and faster time to market at a lower cost to deliver are all realities of these new open source environments.”

Go Open

Freedom is about the ability to react quickly, seize the opportunity, and shape the future your way. When it comes to exercising your freedom to Go Open, having access to the right solutions makes all the difference.

“From the boardroom to the cubicle, global customers no longer just require hardware or software systems; instead, they demand solutions that integrate new and existing technologies to achieve their goals.”

Go Open

Our approach is integrated systems, using tuned open source software stacks. Our products are designed as building blocks to support scalability, ranging from startups to large enterprise systems.


Our custom enterprise solutions support Hadoop for big data, database clusters, web 2.0, and sheer compute solutions. Contact us for more information on how Open Source Storage can architect a solution to meet your needs.


When it comes to making freedom matter for your data management needs, knowledge is power.

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“Open source design processes support the premise that success is measured through network-based collaboration for technology infrastructures supporting all versions and styles of an agile development process.”
Go Open


To leverage the freedom and opportunity of an Open Source Storage solution, you need an experienced and proven team to lead the way. The core OSS team delivers unprecedented expertise in technology vision and strategy, informing innovative design principles and integration techniques, validating their individual and collective achievements in the commercial, government, and academic markets.

The OSS Partnership Network extends our capabilities and services. Our partners’ experience spans all the way from ground-up-data-center builds, to managed services and numerous touch points in between. Together, this powerful blend of real world expertise and experience ensures that we deliver our promised results.


Eren Niazi


Eren is the creator of the Open Source Storage movement, a serial entrepreneur, and a visionary. The technologies that Eren developed in the early- to mid- 2000s became the model for data storage solutions today, and this is a movement he continues to champion. As a teenager, Eren envisioned a world where the largest enterprises were running on commodity hardware and Open Source software. He holds several U.S. Patents for disruptive technologies including 1U and 2U servers as well as a cable management solution, and is deeply involved in various software, hardware, green tech, and agriculture technologies.

Eren designed Facebook’s core systems during its hyper-growth phase and was instrumental in supporting Friendster, the Web's first social media platform. Eren's enterprise level Open Source products and services have all resulted in world class, industrial strength deployments.

He was recently featured in The Street and Forbes as a comeback in tech worth watching, ranked in Red Herring’s Top 20 promising Open Source start-ups.

Committed to social and environmental sustainability, Eren holds a patent in a renewable energy design for horticulture.  With a mission of the global development of socially conscious and sustainable agriculture, his technologies are used to harvest waste energy gasses that are coupled with alternative energy sources for a new generation of high-tech agriculture.   He also leads the non-profit “Technology for Charity” whose mission is to bring together experts in the field of Information Technology who donate their time and experience to support charities and organizations in need.

Reza Kazemipour

EVP Global Cloud

Reza is EVP Global Cloud and currently an EIR at Voyager Capital, with 20+ years of experience in sales, strategy and business leadership roles in the software industry.  

Reza currently serves as a board advisor to many Silicon Valley and Canadian startups, as well as a mentor to a number of accelerators. Prior to the advisory roles, Reza was CRO at Ryma Technology (Acquired by OneDesk), CEO/Founder of AltosMedia, and has held executive management positions at Oris4, Siderean (Acquired by OpenText), Fast Search & Transfer (Acquired by Microsoft), Cerebra, (Acquired by Webmethods), Selectica, IBM, and Tibco software.

Troy Foster


Troy Foster has over 20 years of experience in the start-up and high growth phases of technology companies and within new product development in the enterprise software space, focused on Internet-based technologies relating to cloud computing, decision management, business process management, big data analytics, e-business, mobility, and the Internet of Things.

Previously, Troy was the CTO of Bosch Software Innovations for the Americas. He was instrumental in building the organization and held responsibility for all technical activities encompassing technology evangelism, business development, technology partnerships, product management and marketing strategy, technical pre-sales, professional services, and post-sales product support and training. Additionally, Troy has held product management, sales, and technology roles at IBM, VMware (EMC), BroadVision, Sun Microsystems (Oracle), and Raytheon.

Troy holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, an MS in Computer Science from DePaul University and a BA in Accounting and Spanish from North Central College.

Marc Rotzow

VP of Engineering

Marc has over 20 years experience in design and management of a wide array of enterprise data solutions. He was instrumental in architecting the data storage solutions that secured a Linux distribution that resulted in many features initially designed for the enterprise market being integrated into the general purpose distribution.

At 8x8, Marc oversaw infrastructure for the company’s VoIP services, managed hosting, global DNS, and monitoring.  Additionally, while at FriendFinder Networks, Marc revamped all infrastructure and data center properties, which today support over 600,000,000 registered users. Previously, Marc was with Apple overseeing several transitions within their corporate technology infrastructure. Marc has been involved a number of patented chassis designs as well as networking equipment.  These designs are centered on the reduction of power consumption while increasing density in the data center.

Leynette Larioza

VP of Project Management


Leynette has more than 30 years of experience spanning the end-to-end lifecycle of complex high-end systems.  Leynette's experience with open source and open standards began in early 1980's with BSD Unix, C and X(11).  She has a proven understanding of business and engineering processes and a track record of building, leading, and motivating high-achieving cross-functional teams.

At Sun/Oracle, Leynette led critical product quality and customer satisfaction programs with a specialty for resolving quality and customer issues affecting large-scale complex system installations.  She has real world data center experience and an understanding of customer expectations having been involved with large data centers worldwide, managing systems and business process issues through to resolution as well as managing expectations of customer executives.  Leynette led teams of physicists, scientists, and engineers responsible for solving catastrophic datacenter system failures. Prior to Sun/Oracle, Leynette was with the Maui High Performance Computing Center and Cray Research. 

Leynette holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Coleman College.



Patrick Willis

EVP and Advisory Board Member

Patrick has always had an interest in technology and innovation, and similar to his love for football, is passionate about the opportunities for open source technologies. Prior to Open Source Storage, Patrick was a linebacker with the the San Francisco 49ers.

Patrick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Mississippi.

Joe Yeager

VP Sales

Joe is responsible for building and managing the sales and marketing team. Joe has over 20 years of experience in various sales management, marketing and operations roles building high performance teams and delivering results. His technology focus ranges from Cloud Computing and SaaS/PaaS, to Electronic Design Automation. Joe began his career as an electrical engineer in the semiconductor industry.

Joe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University.

Paul Kelley

Advisory Board Member

Paul supports OSS with his 35 years of sales management experience at Fortune 1000 companies including Businessland and VA Linux Systems. He provides us with a wealth of knowledge, vision, and experience in sales and customer support.

Through its commitment to innovation and excellence in open source technologies and our extensive partnership network, OSS has brought together a team of datacenter experts, innovators of technology solutions, and strategic systems engineers to form our core body of knowledge of cloud engineering. Cloud engineering is an interdisciplinary systematic approach to the commercialization, standardization, governance, architecting, operating, and maintaining private, hybrid, and public cloud offerings. If you are interested in becoming part of the Partnership Network, give us a call or e-mail us at: partnership@opensoursestorage.com



We would love to show you how freedom matters when it comes to an economical, scalable solution to meet your business requirements.

Freedom Matters – So Live Free - Go Open!

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